1. When you have depression, you can feel like it can totally overwhelm you at any moment:


Illustration by Sylvie Reuter.

2. And you might feel like you have to hide it when you're out in "the real world."

Illustration by Kristian Nygård.

3. And you just want to hide yourself away.


Comic strip by Ruby etc.

4. Being around other people can feel like this:

Illustration by Jenny Chang.

5. Even if they are friends.

As a girl suffering from major panic and depression after losing the love of my life, this is how I feel most days. Nobody knows

Illustration by Ray Bruwelheide.

6. Any little thing can trigger an avalanche of major self doubt:

Comic strip by Andrew Richard.

7. And the depression holds you back from truly enjoying things:

Comic strip by Eylou.

8. It'll strike when you least expect it:


Comic strip by Kelly Angel.

9. And the noise in your head feels like this:

Illustration by Jenny Chang.

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