1. Baby Harry Potter might have lived in the cupboard under the stairs, but your Muggle doesn’t.

- A Quidditch crib mobile is available here.
- Wrap your little Muggle in House colors from Cho.
- There is a serious lack of Potter crib sheets on the market. Purchase some witchy sheets and follow this tutorial to make your own!
- Pull the room together with some little touches like JackoTaco did, adding a familiar and your favorite book quote decals.

2. One room to rule them all, one room to find them.

- Use these free patterns to create your own Fellowship then turn them into a mobile.
- This Elven-ish crib is not for sale but finding someone with proper skill could easily replicate it.
- This tree of Gondor stands over five feet tall and would make a perfect door (or wall) decoration.
- It’s never too early to learn the Elvish ABCs. The whole alphabet is available in colorful prints.

3. Little Kal-El grew up under the red sun of Krypton and that color would permeate his color scheme through the rest of his life as Superman.

- Red is the first color babies see, so don’t blind them. Take a page from Christi Dame and use it as an accent color.
- Give your little Man (or Woman) of Steel something cut their crime-fighting teeth on with a security lovey blanket.
- Put some motivational action on the walls with decals by Aubrey Heath.
- Pull the room together with a custom set of crib sheets to dream on.

4. Whimsical and wondrous are wonderful adjectives to start life under, even if your baby’s name isn’t Alice.

- Blogger The Vanilla Bean shows off how to do girly baby bedding without drowning in pink.
- But a little pink in the accents won’t hurt, like this crib mobile by JorganJamber.
- It wouldn’t be a proper Alice nursery without some teacups. A unique bookshelf should fit the bill.
- There are a lot of Wonderland wall decals out there, but if you want something different, photographer Pahoyhoy suggests pinning up character clothing.

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