#1 Sheik, the Sage of Yuletide by Sisa Cosplay

via: Sisa Cosplay

#2 Santa of Rivia (Witcher III) by Taryn Cosplay

via: Taryn Cosplay

#3 Jason the No-Nosed Ranger by Kojima San Cosplay

via: Kojima San Cosplay

#4 Joker's Eggnog by One Bad Day Cosplay

via: One Bad Day Cosplay

#5 Christmas Cammy by Megan Coffey

via: Megan Coffey

#6 The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who by Twinzik Cosplay

via: Twinzik Cosplay

#7 Ruby Rose Gets a Present by Labinnak & Mangoloo

via: Labinnak & Mangoloo

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