1. Oh-so-dreamy mosquito net canopies:

Via: millypuppie.tumblr.com

Not only did you LOVE the look, but it also made you feel a bit ethereal. (Bonus if you tie-dyed yours.)

2. Hemp products from The Body Shop:

Via: mybeautybunny.com

There was nothing more grunge than using a lotion that insinuated you might like pot.

3. Orbitz:

Via: the90sinreview.tumblr.com

Pre-Boba, you were all about drinking funky floating bubbles. Essentially, you wanted to look like you were chugging a lava lamp.

4. Hair mascara

Via: eastendcosmetics.co.uk

There’s nothing like being able to wash out your highlights before your parents got home.

5. Glints (if you were looking for something a little more committal):

Via: youtube.com

It was so subtle your parents probably didn’t even notice you dyed your hair.

6. Knee-high boots:

Via: iheartthenineties.tumblr.com

This throwback to the ’60s go-go basically went with everything from shift dresses to your favorite cords.

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