Halloween isn’t just about the kids, candy, and scares– It’s about the whole family, and if you have fur babies in the family, you know the fun of dressing them up. Yes, some of us are way more excited about finding the right costume for our pets rather than thinking about what we're going to wear.

People online are ready to show how they turned their beloved dog or a cat into well-known characters. If you need some inspiration this year, here are 25 pets who crushed it on Halloween. Check out these creative pet costume ideas. They don't make stuffed animals quite this cute.

#1 Harley Quinn

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#2 Happy Thursday From Wednesday

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#3 Maleficent

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#4 Cruella De Vil

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#5 Recently We Have Been Watching This TV Show. I Whipped Up A Quick Costume Just For Fun. It’s An Easy Costume To Make For Halloween If You Run Out Of Ideas

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#6 The Goodest Gryffindor

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#7 Chewbacca

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#8 Our Halloween Costume This Year. Me As Zuko, My Cat Cashew As Aang

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