1. Timmy’s dad’s shattered dreams:

2. The creepiest bus driver ever in Hocus Pocus:

3. The biggest burn in Full House history:

4. Corey’s comment:

5. Prince’s big moment on Animaniacs:

6. This little girl’s family history:

7. This circumcision joke in The Rugrats Movie:

8. Lord Farquad’s need to compensate for…something:

9. Daffy’s magazine:

10. And this slug’s magazine on Rocco’s Modern Life:


12. Grandpa’s poor memory:

13. Helga’s…girlhood:

14. Mrs. Finster…enjoying herself…on Recess:

15. Squidward’s questionable child:

16. Rocko’s REMEMBER list…and his job at a sex line:

17. Ms. Bellum providing some…help to the mayor:

18. This Cat-Dog moment:

19. This Doctor’s name on Rocco’s Modern Life:

20. Dr. Bill:

21. The Flash’s intimacy issues:

22. Eddy’s basement sanctuary:

23. Spongebob’s new outfit:

24. Spongebob watching some hot sea porn:

25. This ride on Rocco’s Modern Life:

26. Dad’s trophy on Dexter’s Lab:

27. And, finally, Spongebob telling Mrs. Puff, “See you next Tuesday”:

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