1. I know you just got legs, but slow your roll, Ariel.

2. “It’s log! It’s log! It’s big! It’s heavy! It’s wood!”

3. I can’t even.

4. At least she left pizza in the freezer.

5. Rock out with your Brock out.

6. “Charming,” my ass.

7. This is what roommates do, right?

8. Should’ve been called Blue Balls Clues.


10. #beentherebro

11. What a stinker.

12. Bowser-chik-a-wow-wow.

13. This is not the droid you were looking for.

14. Just scratchin’ his Pokeballs.

15. Oh, I get it; A hungry pink starfish.

16. Bill Nye the Highest Guy.

17. The Godzilla deleted scenes are pretty horrifying.

18. Doesn’t Louie see the “Keep out” sign?

19. More like The Lion Schwing!

20. Eyes up here, buddy.

21. ~Gotta please ‘em all!~

22. No comment.

23. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, at least 500 ft. from the nearest school?

24. This gives a whole new meaning to the Hundred Acre Wood.

25. Uh… classic cartoons are weird.

26. First LSD, and now this? For shame, Alice.

27. No, Baloo! Bad, Baloo, bad!

28. Eh, you know what? Fuck it.

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