1. We’ll start really young with your first car…

You probably drove it around way past the point that you actually fit in it comfortably.

2. …your first hangout spot…

3. …your first (bad) investment…

Those Beanie Babies were supposed to be worth thousands of dollars one day!!!!

4. …and your first pastime (watching movies, duh.)

Oh those simple days before Netflix.

5. Pop in a movie. Get hit with that sweet, sweet, “Coming Soon” sign. Gets you all excited for what you’re going to be able to rent at Blockbuster (or Hollywood Video) soon.

Also, that “Coming Soon” voice was oh-so-soothing.

6. Turn on the huge box of a TV and immediately get bombarded by commercials for the magazine you always begged your parents to buy (but of course, they never did ?)…

Why Nickelodeon? Why torture us with all THOSE commercials?! Preying upon our young consumer vulnerabilities!

7. …along with commercials for Skip-It.

“The very best thing of all! There’s a counter on the ball! So try to beat your very best score! See if you can jump a whole lot more!”

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