1. Harriet Potter by Maaria Laurinen

2. Sora and Riku by Doria Plume

3. Ms. Minions by Ogo Nkado

4. The DC Trinity by Jasric

5. Badass Female Link Concept by Adam Law

6. Phoenix Wright by sanxian

7. The White King by Joe Phillips

8. Star Trek The Rule 63 Series by here

9. Pokemon Black and White by Chima

10. Hiccup and Astrid by JuliaJm15

Animated Movie Genderswaps by sakimichan

Many of which are for sale as prints by here.

11. Prince Mononoke

12. Male-Maleficent

13. The Snow Bros.

14. The Little Merman

15. Hades, Goddess of Death

Like Sakimichan's work? Checkout more of his Disney genderswaps by here!

16. G.I. Jane by Fred Perry

17. Genderbent X-Men Couples by kat laurange

18. Attack on Titan's Mikasa by teralilac

19. Little Macy by AjamariesArt

20. Genderswapped Avengers, Assemble! by CircusMayer

21. Final Fantasy VII Cast by Belderiver

22. On the next exciting episode of Dragonball Male GaZe by Maniaxoi

23. Nightmare Before Christmas Swap Design and Sculpture by Dou Hong

24. Kill la Kill Genderswap by Yobot

25. Female Doctors 1-11 by rocketssurgery

26. Team Fem-tress by T03nemesis

27. Femme Supernatural by Jasric

28. Star Wars Prequels Swapped by Shorelle

29. Sherlock Holmes and the Opposite Gender by Linda Cheng

30. Genderbend of Thrones by Caitlyn Patten

31. Jamie Neutron? by Acaciathorn

32. Sailor Moon Boys by Drachea Rannak

33. Crazy Love by NoFlutter

34. The Fellowship of the Ring by greenleaf0519

35. Gravity Falls Genderswaps by Caramelkeks

36. Big Hero, Switched by lightcolorsart

37. Female Green Lantern Corps. by Anna Rettberg

38. The Legend of Zelda, a Link Between Genders by Ian Samson

39. Disney GIFs by thenamelessdoll.tumblr.com

40. Super Mario Sisters by Elizabeth Turnsek

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