1. Your teen clothes were wide-legged jeans, sunglasses with colored lenses, and ’70s-revival trends.

So many chunky-heeled shoes.

2. You learned a LOT about sex from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

3. And you remember watching the O.J. Simpson trial on Court TV.

And how the world stopped when the verdict was announced. (Your teacher probably put the TV on so everyone could watch it.)

4. This was your middle school social life.

5. And you spent pretty much all of middle and high school sending your friends roses on AIM. @>—-,—-

6. And talking to weird people in Yahoo chatrooms.

7. You WERE going to marry Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, or Taylor Hanson.

It was fate.

8. And you wrote all about it on Xanga, LiveJournal, or the site that you built (out of HTML!!) on Geocities or Angelfire.

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