Theory #1: Haley Joel Osment’s Character in The Sixth Sense Can See Dead People
Even if you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense, you know the film’s big shocker: Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. If this is still somehow a spoiler for you, sorry, but you had 16 years.

But if Bruce Willis is dead the entire time, then how are he and Haley Joel Osment able to have long conversations as patient and therapist? Unless — Haley Joel Osment’s character can see dead people.

Think About It: From the ghost of the little girl directing him to the videotaped evidence of her murder, to the cyclist at the crash site, to Bruce Willis’ character himself — how would Haley Joel Osment’s character be able to interact with any of them as he does if he couldn’t see (and probably even speak to) ghosts? Rewatch The Sixth Sense with this theory in mind; it changes the entire film.

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