Have you ever watched a television show and wanted to live in one of the houses or rooms of your favorite character? You know, like, underwater ... in a pineapple with a pet snail? .. yes? ... no?

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably have, I know I have, and I found a few popular cartoon houses brought to life!

Below are a few houses built inspired by different cartoon homes!

1) The Simpsons Home

This is an exact replica of The Simpsons' house; It looks exactly like the cartoon version, inside and out! This home is located in Henderson, Nevada. The colors just add to the overall realistic look! This $120,000 house wasn't built by any Simpsons fan though, it was constructed for use as the grand prize in a contest sponsored by Pepsi, Fox, and the home builder. The contest was known as "The Simpsons House Give Away."

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