#1 Members Only

The naughty joke: "Witness the coming of MASCUMAX! Step forth and bring thy manhood against my own, so we can see who has the upper hand on the measuring stick"

Um, where do we begin here. Witness the coming? Bring forth your manhood and measure it against my own? I'm just guessing anyone who has that kind of confidence is pretty certain that he'll be winning any contest involving 'The D'. Not to mention the title of the episode is called 'Members Only', just to nail it home. DOUBLE ENTENDRE INTENDED!

#2 Mommy Fearest

The naughty joke: Buttercup slips a condom in the Professor's pocket

This one is a bit of a controversy...does she or doesn't she? I say yes, because what else do you keep in that tiny slit? A Polly Pocket doll? It's practically made for carrying rubbers!! I think it's a sign of maturity on Buttecup's part. I'm glad the Professor has educated the girls on the importance of safe sex. These days you can't start too young I guess.

#3 Something's A Ms.

The naughty joke: The phallic pencil

The Mayor is clearly turned on when his pencil goes snap (BOING!) and then she grabs him and helps him out. I mean, seriously. This clip is as porn-y as you can get without actually being anything x-rated. If it was someone hotter than the Mayor, it would have actually gotten me a bit riled up.

#4 Super Friends

The naughty joke: After the girls say the Professor created them by accident, their new friend says she was an accident too.

We all know what this means even if the Professor didn't raise an eyebrow. It means her parents had sex without the intention of procreating. Sex for fun. I guess her dad didn't have a Buttercup to slip a condom in that little pocket.

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