18 years since the first book was released, and almost 14 years since the first film hit screens, the enormous world-wide phenomenon that is Harry Potter still shows no sign of slowing in popularity. Thankfully for die-hard fans, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released in November 2016 so a whole new era of the Harry Potter universe will be available for us to devour.

But even though we're getting this whole new trilogy of films, that hasn't stopped the fans on Tumblr from revealing their unique insights and sometimes amazing discoveries from the original movies for us to find on the internet. Take a look at these 9 times when Tumblr users had Harry Potter all right:

1. When they solved this 14 year old mystery

When I first read this post, I swear to God my face looked exactly like Hermione's. Of course he forgot his robes! Looking at this scene now it seems obvious when Ron, Harry, Hermione and Dean are all wearing theirs and the only person who isn't is Neville. Duh. Well, that only took 14 years..