Appearing on CNN to promote Godzilla and the play All the Way (in which Cranston plays former President Lyndon B. Johnson), the actor was asked, point blank, if White was actually dead. Here’s a brief transcript of Cranston and host Ashleigh Banfield’s interaction:

Banfield: "I’m going to ask you really, seriously, I wasn’t so sure you died. I really wasn’t,”

Banfield: “Your eyes were open and I thought, ‘what if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out and just goes nuts?

Cranston: "Hey, you never saw bag zip up or anything."

Banfield: "Is he dead?"

Cranston: "I don’t know."

Banfield: "No movie, no nothing? No Walter White ever again?"

Cranston: "I don’t… you know… I don’t… never say never. Let’s just say that."

"You’re a victim of your success, perhaps. Once you do something that gets notoriety, they offer you roles that are similar to that and you become derivative of yourself. And I just didn’t want to do that. I keep wanting to change things up."

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