Ever wonder what the world of Pokémon would look like in a more realistic setting? If you're anything like me, this question haunts your dreams and waking life, clawing at you like a Zangoose using slash.

Well, talented artist Juan Hugo Martinez has stepped in to alleviate all of our imagined woes by casting some of the most recognizable Pokemon into the harsh world of our reality. Say goodbye to Kanto, Pikachu! I choose you for a gritty, live-action version of your adventures.

Check out the collection of Pokémon that Martinez has published, and let's hope it doesn't stop here. A full spread of the 150 originals may be a tall order, but I think it's safe to say that the people want it!


While I wish we could see a bit more of his famous flower, this imposingly large version of Venusaur would be a TERRIFYING thing to encounter in battle. Is he the size of a building? Like an actual dinosaur? Last I checked, one of these guys grows to six and a half feet tall, and even that is giving me pause.

This guy's got a kind of relentless conviction in his eyes that you certainly want on your team.