1. You played with these cubes that were supposed to help you with math, but honestly you just built swords out of them.

2. And you’d set up your neon Spacemaker at the corner of your desk where you’d store all your No. 2 pencils and giant pink erasers.

3. You definitely played Kid Pix on the class computers and would show off your all your masterpieces to your BFFs.

4. The class computers ALSO had Math Blaster, where you had to solve problems while trying not to get hit with flying space trash.

5. The worst thing in the world was going up to sharpen your pencil during a test when the classroom was DEAD quiet.

6. Or you could use the electric sharpener…but only if you were brave enough to go up to the teacher’s desk.

7. These scented markers were so NEXT LEVEL that sometimes you’d walk away with marks on your nose from smelling each one.

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