#1 Kids Having Kids

There's a baby in there - really.

#2 It's All Creamy

Kids really don't know what saying that to a grown up means.

#3 SpongeBob And The All Seeing Eye

It's amazing the subject matter that is often covered on SpongeBob Squarepants that goes right over kids' heads.

#4 Bugs Litte Bunny Is Showing

Do kids even notice this?

#5 Right In The Manhood

Yep, men are kids and always will be.

#6 Finding Nemo

Yeah, kids really would never figure this out. Animated films can get away with so much.

#7 Ekans Love To Muk

Even most adults don't realize this.

#8 Aladdin Takes Place In The Future

Creative license in animated films is off the charts.

#9 Ummm Your Weenie Is Showing

Kids are so enamored by the whole underwater world they don't even know what they are seeing.

#10 The Lion King

They did it first ... way before Kim Kardashian.

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