The innocence of childhood cartoons seems to have an irresistible allure to the more morbid creative types out there and, as a result, our favorite characters have met more grisy ends than I care to imagine.

From Ariel to Tinky Winky, nobody is safe from the fateful stroke of the artist's pen, but which death will hit you the hardest?

Tinky Winky's Autopsy

Image: Urm

Tinky Winky was always my least favorite anyway...


Image: Dead Dog

I thought about this scenario all the time when I was a kid. I was a weird child.

Ariel's Anatomy

Image: Misery GK

Sushi anyone?

The End of Elsa

Image: Kikuri-Tan

I know people are always moaning about how they're sick of Frozen, but this has taken things a step too far.

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