Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a story that you felt genuine disappointment when it ended? I'm the kind of person that could watch my favorite movies forever. After the screen fades to black and the credits roll I'm often left wondering "What happens next?"

As sequels have shown us, sometimes it's better to end on a high. But that hasn't stopped some awesome fan artists from illustrating what some characters' lives would look like. Check out some of my favorite Happy Ever After art from various artists:

1. Frozen

Anna and Kristoff make quite the adorable family! And naturally Aunt Elsa has to make an appearance.

Artist: NightLiight

2. Harry Potter

The Potter family is pretty adorable with James, Albus, and little Lily.

These fan art picture by TwiggyMcBones shows that between Rose and Hugo, Hermione and Ron have their hands pretty full.

Artist: burdge

3. Beauty and the Beast

Okay, so at the end of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast turns back into Prince Adam, but if for some reason he didn't, this seems like a pretty accurate representation of what his and Belle's children would look like! Also, notice the tiny Chip in the second picture.

Artist: spicysteweddemon

4. Hercules

This family portrait seems a little uncomfortable given Hercules' story in Greek mythology. But it they're still lovely pictures!

Artist: grodansnagel

5. The Legend of Zelda

Link and Tetra make such cute parents! BeagleTsuin has drawn them with their children Finn & Shelli

Artist: beagletsuin

6. Adventure Time

Artist: jackie-lyn

I know that technically Finn and Fire Princess are broken up at the moment, but let's just hope they can work it out because according to Triksata and Jackie-lyn their children are adorable.

Artist: triskata

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