Cinderella hits theaters this weekend, and Disney already has future live-action plans for Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo.

They certainly aren’t done with this live-action trend….

But retelling the same stories gets boring. If Disney execs really want to get our attention, they should consider giving the live-action treatment to these lesser-known characters:

1. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)
It’s been decades since Madame Medusa first appeared on the big screen, but The Rescuers was a hit back in 1977 and it’s follow-up The Rescuers Down Under is one of Disney’s most popular sequels.

Even fellow swamp dwellers call her “trashy,” and Madame Medusa will straight up shoot a bitch! She’s one of the most under appreciated Disney villains and should absolutely star in her own spin-off film.

Think something along the lines of Pawn Stars meets Crocodile Dundee meets Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Just picture the costumes! The hair and makeup! The scenes of her driving!

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