The insanely talented Tim Shumate is turning our Disney gals into amazing permanent works of art - tattoos! His princesses even come complete with their own tattoos, each themed to the movie they starred in!

Take a look through Shumate's awesome creations and check out more of his work here.

1. Snow White

Artist: Tim Shumate

Complete with her woodland friends the birds tattooed on her arm, this Snow White looks slightly different from her usual timid self, though it seems she's still 'waiting for loves true kiss.'

2. Tiana

Artist: Tim Shumate

This 'bayou beauty' looks amazing with her green and pink lotus flower tattoos <3

3. Belle

Artist: Tim Shumate

While someone getting the name of their significant others tattooed on themselves is often a risky choice, I think in Belle's case it's totally fine! After all her and Beast are a total match made in heaven - 'till the last petal falls!'

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