Tarzan is a good Disney movie. It's sentimental in all the right ways, shows parental love and pain in a way only rivaled with Pixar films, and has some pretty good Phil Collins tunes. But that won't stop me from finding issues with it.

1. How did Tarzan's family build THAT elaborate of house in such little time?

Even if Daddy Tarzan was an architect/carpenter/professonal-tree-climber who somehow had access to basic tools to build it, that multilevel house seems extremely glamorous (and sturdy, as it still remains intact when Tarzan comes as an adult). Sure, it was the olden times when people were more competent at working with their hands so over enough years it would MAYBE be feasible that two people could build it, but Tarzan is AT MOST 6 months old when Kala finds him in the fully constructed home.

2. Where did they get all that stuff?

We see the boat they wash up in: it has a barrell, a trunk, a suitcase, and some kind of wrapped fabric. That's a bit of stuff, but not that much.

Sure, some of it washed up from the shipwreck. But it sure is convenient they had hinges, handles, ropes, chairs, frames, pots, rifles, ammo, clocks, furniture, feather pillows, sheets, curtains, books ... all without any water damage.

3. Why isn't Tarzan naked?

Tarzan runs around with naked gorillas, doesn't understand the concept of clothes, and needs full mobility at all times.

Okay, okay, it's a kids movie so of course we aren't gonna see Tarzan's swingin' dingdong, but Disney really should have offered some kind of quick, clever nod at the character design choice.

4. Why were the gorillas cool with Tantor?

The gorillas are introduced to Tantor after an elephant stampede that destroys the gorilla home and almost kills a baby gorilla. Kerchak's whole deal is he doesn't like creatures different than him who threaten his family AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT TANTOR REPRESENTS. But he's always around, and Kerchak doesn't care. All the gorillas seem weirdly accepting of this interspecies friendship.

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