#1 Pinocchio

The talking, living wooden puppet with a lie-induced nose growth disorder you saw in Disney was a far milder version than the original story, which portrayed him being burned, hanged, mutilated, and eventually sentenced to death for his shenanigans.

#2 Cindrella

The original Cinderella fairy tale is completely disgusting. When neither of her stepsisters can fit into Cindy’s slipper, one of them cuts off her toe and the other cuts off her heel to fool the prince. Later, Cinderella has her magic birds peck out her sisters’ eyes as punishment for their deceit. Oh, and she also slams the lid of a chest on her stepmother’s neck, breaking it and killing her. Damn, Cinderella, you bad.

#3 Aladdin

In the third installment of the Aladdin series, his long lost father emerges, having left his trifling ways behind to be the father his son needs. In the original, Cassim actually meets a gruesome death in which thieves cut him up into quarters after murdering him. Nice.

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