A great hairstyle sets the mood for your whole day, but a Disney-themed hairstyle? That’s a magical day in the making. Channel your favorite Disney princess in an accessible, ready-to-wear way with these awesome DIY tutorials. Try something new this week with these step-by-step instructions to princess glam!

1. Jasmine

Image via Camille Styles / Fan art source

Looking for a princess-worthy hairstyle that won’t add too much time to your morning routine? This stylish version of Jasmine’s ponytail is easy to achieve! You only need a few minutes and some hair elastics.

2. Cinderella

Image via lovemaegan.com / Fan art via

You don’t need to go in search of a ball to rock this Cinderella updo! This is a very modern, chic look that will complement any outfit. Magical birds to help you get ready sold separately.

Image via lovemaegan.com / Fan art via

3. Tiana

Image via Modcloth / Fan Art Via

Love short hair but don’t want to make the scary leap and cut your mane? Tiana’s bob is the perfect choice for trying out a sleek, shorter hairstyle. A curling iron, bobby pins, and hair elastics are your tickets to this style.

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