According to this thread on Quora, there are some hidden secrets you should look out for on your next trip to Disneyland.

1. Look for Walt Disney’s light at the Main Street firehouse — the light that never goes out.


“Walt Disney had an apartment above the Main Street fire house which he used with his family regularly. After his death, the light in the window which used to signal his presence in the park was, and still is, left on at all times.” It is completely unchanged from the time Walt and his family lived there.

2. Ask for the special tender seat on the Disneyland railroad.


Approach the conductor at Main Street Station and ask if you can ride it. Once the next train comes, you’ll be escorted past security to the front of the tender where there is a special (albeit small) seat for two.

3. Go see the park bench where Walt Disney originally conceived of the idea of Disneyland.

In the foyer of “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” there is a park bench where Walt came up with the idea while watching his daughters play. This is the Griffith Park bench, and nearby is one of the actual carousel horses that his daughters used to ride.

4. If you ask nicely, you can ask to pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat.


You’ll be directed to the wheelhouse, where you’ll be allowed to steer the boat (which is on a track) and blow the whistle. You’ll even get a special certificate afterwards.

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