1. Excuse us as we laugh and then cry at the reality of this statement.

2. "Do you want to build a balloon house?"

3. Why are all these tiny humans here? They weren't invited.

4. What I would really like to know is what would have been the appropriate amount of monsters to have in the film so this critic could have enjoyed it.

5. Since devastating us all in the beginning of Up worked so well, it's only fair that we just stick with this formula from now on.

6. Really hope no one took this shirt seriously and ended up tackling this poor child.

7. This makes no sense, and the producers of Cars needs to check themselves.

8. The rise of the machines has already begun.

9. I ain't sorry.

10. This is a legit question, and I feel personally attacked that Pixar has yet to comment.

11. You tell me where those noodles are, woman!

12. Honestly, if you call him Ratatouille, you can get out.

13. "I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always!"

14. This is not a crossover that any of us asked for, and whoever packaged these snacks should be ashamed of themselves.

15. "There's a snake in my— oh, god, get it out! Get it out!"

16. It's been a rough life for old Luxo Jr. His joints don't work like they used to. There's just no way he'd be able to hop on that "i" anymore.