#16 After stealing Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’s baby, Jack-Jack, things take a turn for the worse for the misunderstood villain of the film, Syndrome.

Jack-Jack turns into a demon and gives Syndrome a smack-down, causing him to drop the baby. Mr. Incredible then throws a car Syndrome, knocking him onto the engine of the plane. Syndrome gets sucked up by a turbine — turning him into human salsa.

#15 Have you ever wondered what happened to Jafar, after Aladdin trapped him in a lamp in the Cave of Wonders?

In The Return of Jafar, he plots to seek revenge on Aladdin, but in the final battle scene, Jafar is thwarted by his former friend, Iago, who kicks Jafar’s genie lamp into a pool of hot lava. As the lamp melts, Jafar implodes — dying in his own lightening explosion.

#14 After Ursula transforms into a giant sea witch in the Little Mermaid, Eric, who is clearly done with this whole situation, steers his ship into the witch and impales her with the ship’s bow.

If being impaled by a ship wasn’t enough, the bow is then struck by lightening, electrocuting Ursula.

#13 Do you remember the Enchanted Wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast? Remember how cute and sassy she was? Do you also remember that she brutally murdered a man by CRUSHING him to death?

Note the non-existent look of remorse on Wardrobe’s face. That guy never had a chance!

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