#1 A derailment on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in California caused a man to die, and passengers had to sit next to the body for 20 minutes before help came.

One of the cars on the iconic ride broke loose while filled with guests in 2003. Riders waited in a tunnel for paramedics to arrive while Marcelo Torres sat dead in one of the cars. Ten other passengers were hurt.

#2 A monorail caught fire at an Epcot station in 1985, forcing people to kick out windows in order to escape.

Supposedly, two off-duty firefighters were on board who were able to help in a time of crisis, so while some people got hurt, no one died. This incident kicked Disney World into gear to install a fire detection system, which for some reason hadn't been in place prior to this situation.

#3 A 660-pound parade float collapsed during a parade at Disneyland Tokyo in 2008.

A steel beam with planets all over it fell off a Buzz Lightyear float and caused all parades to be canceled for a while, but no one got hurt.

#4 A Disneyland Paris employee was trapped under a boat when the It's A Small World ride turned on while he was cleaning it.

A helicopter came to take him to a hospital late one night in October 2010, where he later died.

#5 Two people lost fingers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Florida in 2014.

During two separate incidents, both a young boy and a man in his 40s broke the number one ride rule: They didn't keep their hands inside the car at all times. As a result, the boy lacerated four fingers, and the man severed the tops of two of his own.

#6 Disneyland's PeopleMover ride was only open for a month before a teen died while trying to jump from car to car in 1967.

Ricky Yarma was dragged for "several hundred feet" before the ride was stopped.

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