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9. I'm pretty sure kids are well aware of how savage they are being and just pretend to be all innocent.

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10. Ummm, this is the best wish I've ever heard in my life.

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11. Apparently, Disney is trying to traumatize children offscreen.

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12. Kids these days have no appreciation for what it meant to count down the days until you had the ability to watch your favorite movies on repeat.

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13. When you release a movie and then throw the logo on literally every single product you can think of, kids are going to get upset when the one thing in the world doesn't have it.

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14. Hey, we all have a lot of serious things on our mind, and I'm going to use my hour to talk about what grinds my gears!

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15. When all you've watched is kids movies, you know you're a parent. That and justifying having a glass of wine "with lunch."

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16. Props to this mom for keeping the theme authentic.

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