1. Disney purchases more explosives than any other entity in the United States besides the Department of Defense — but don't worry, they're mostly fireworks. ?

2. Besides the one atop the central flagpole, the American flags on Main Street USA aren't real American flags. That way, the park doesn't need to lower or light them at night.

3. Disney employees occasionally catch people scattering the ashes of loved ones around various rides and attractions, including the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. ?

4. Several Disney parks have underground tunnels that keep park operations, like trash removal and cast member transportation, hidden from parkgoers.

5. Installing the Presidential Seal in the Hall of Presidents required a literal act of Congress. Plus, it's the only place the carpet seal exists other than the White House and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

6. Walt Disney himself forbade the sale of chewing gum at Disney parks in order to keep the sidewalks clean (but you can still bring your own).

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