Thanks to the Internet and the corrupted minds of both youth and adults we have inappropriate and downright naughty versions of just about everything under the sun and Disney is no exception. These people all took the childhood innocence of their favorite Disney movies and added some adult sprinkles and what we've ended up with are some seriously inappropriate tattoos!

#1 For the Love of God, That's Not a Rabbit Hole

Photo: via Reddit

#2 You're Going to Be Waiting for a Long Time

Photo: via Pinterest

#3 Holy Sh*t, They Cloned Flounder!

Photo: via Twitter

#4 Cinderella Feelin' Herself

Photo: via Wikimedia

#5 No Woman Wants a Man Who Will Lie to Her in Bed, Unless She's Sleeping with This Guy

Photo: via Pinterest

#6 B*tches Get Stuff Done

Photo: via Twitter

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