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#13 “Burrow” sticker on the cover of the journal, a nod to 2020’s animated short by director Madeline Sharafian.

#14 Coco is referenced when Mei accidentally scares people while running home in her red panda form as there are papel picado flags that are hanging from buildings.

#15 Devon as a mermaid looked a lot like Luca the sea monster.

#16 The license plate on Ming’s car reads “Syst3ms” in honor of all the hard work the Systems team did to allow filmmakers to work from home during the pandemic.

#17 Mei’s best friend, Priya, is introduced reading “Nightfall.” Look closely at the cover, and it’s reminiscent of the “Twilight” covers. A nod to the Cullen family vampires.

#18 At the 4*Town concert they are wearing all white like The Backstreet Boys did for their album Millennium.

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