1. Why didn’t Cinderella’s glass slippers revert back to their original form at midnight, like the rest of her outfit?

At the stroke of midnight, her coach turns back into a pumpkin, her animal friends revert back to their original form, and her dress is once again in tatters! But her slippers? STILL GLASS!

Why Disney, WHY?!?

2. Why didn’t Ariel write out to Eric that she loved him and seal the deal RIGHT AWAY?

As you *may* have heard, Ariel could have saved herself a lot of trouble and just written out to Eric her plan from the beginning. I mean, we know she can read…AND write!

Why Disney, WHY?!?

3. But we’ve got more questions about The Little Mermaid! Like, why was Ariel OK with crab being served at dinner?

She was nervous that Sebastian was running around, but not that everyone else was about to munch on her undersea friends. Seems kind of…FISHY, doesn’t it?!

Why Disney, WHY?!?

4. And while we’re on the subject of crustaceans, what’s up with Sebastian’s accent?

We know that The Little Mermaid takes place off the coast of Europe — possibly Denmark, where the fairy tale originated — but Sebastian speaks with a Caribbean accent, unlike all the other characters. Could he have crossed the Atlantic Ocean? But he’s not a strong swimmer! And wouldn’t the cold water have killed him?

Why Disney, WHY?!?

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