1. The various Disney parks get decked out in holiday decor.

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From Christmas trees to wreaths, there's no shortage of holiday cheer in the parks around the world.

2. The castle is no exception.

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Just wait until you see it lit up at night.

3. Some of your favorite attractions get a holiday makeover.

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You can find Sandy Claws taking over Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

4. It's A Small World gets some festive flair.

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The lights on this attraction are dazzling at night.

5. You can take a ride jolly ride on the Jingle Cruise.

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Don't forget to bring your Santa hat along for the ride.

6. You might not recognize the Tower of Terror.

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Keep an eye out for a snowy forecast while you're there.

7. Even Cars Land gets in on the merry fun.

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8. If you love candy canes, you'll want to snag one at the Disneyland Resort.

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FYI: These are limited and sell out quick! If you want to ensure you get your hands on one of these delicious holiday treats, line up early to grab a bracelet to guarantee your spot.

9. The beignets also get some holiday flavor.

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Your candy cane obsession doesn't have to stop here.

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