1. The bubbly texture of the characters’ skin cost a fortune to animate.

Joy’s effervescent skin was originally supposed to be limited to just her, but the producers eventually applied it to every character at the risk of spending way too much of their budget. Ralph Eggleston, the film’s production designer, told Cinema Blend: “We worked on the idea of her [Joy] being effervescent or sparkly for champagne bubbles, for about 8 months. And it got to the point where we couldn’t afford to do it. When [Pixar exec] John [Lasseter] saw it on Joy he said, ‘That’s great. Put it on all the characters.’ You could hear the core technical staff just hitting the ground, the budget falling through the roof. But it was all good. They found a way to make it work.”

2. Disgust is shaped like a piece of broccoli.

And the other emotions have intentional shapes as well: Anger looks like a brick, Fear is tall and thin like a nerve, Joy is shaped like a star, and Sadness resembles a teardrop.

3. The newspapers Anger reads have headlines about what’s happening in Riley’s day.

4. A team of 45 animators worked on the movie, about half the size of previous Pixar films.

It takes about a week to produce three seconds of animation.It takes about a week to produce three seconds of animation.

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