1. The heartbreaking and memorable beginning of the movie almost wasn’t.

The first storyboarded version had Ellie and Carl punching each other, and when the writers presented it, they were left with silence.

You can watch the original beginning (starts at the 3:35 mark) here, but it will still make you cry, so grab tissues.

2. Young Ellie is voiced by the daughter of the film’s director, Pete Docter — and her name is also Ellie.

3. It took three days to get to Angel Falls and Mount Roraima, the inspiration for Paradise Falls.

They took an airplane to another airplane, to a jeep, to a helicopter, back to a jeep, and then trekked out.

4. Russell was originally named Lewis, but the story team changed it to avoid confusion with the Meet the Robinsons character.

5. One alternate ending included Muntz chasing the bird in the labyrinth, getting fooled by a balloon animal, and then getting lost forever.

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