1. Based on Shang’s behavior, pretty sure this is a pick-up line.

2. Some mind-searing implications to that boast.

3. Damn Elastigirl, get it.

4. Well that’s a damn shame.

5. Look there’s scientifically no way to say “quiver” without sounding dirty.

6. Merry Christmas!

7. Pac-Man likes his ladies inexperienced.

8. Hey lady, no means no.

9. Disney needs to work on aging up characters before having them say shit like this*.

10. Pegasus is inspecting the goods.

11. Lumiere is lucky candelabra can’t get syphilis.

12. Should…should we be seeing this?

13. This feels like a trick question.

14. And this is definitely a trap. Nice try, Chris Hansen.

15. RUDE.

16. Mulan is 800% done with Mushu’s bullshit.

17. Yzma no.

18. Literally just realized Hades is Megara’s pimp.

19. And that Mole was trying to proposition* Kida.

20. Awkward. Shhhh. Just stop talking.

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