1. This inappropriate memorial.

“I worked custodial for a few months, and one of the stories I heard was after someone reported a weird dust/sand on one of the rides. Someone decided to spread their loved ones ashes on the ride. Yes, the ride had to be closed down and cleaned. I don’t care how much your dear aunt Mary loved Disney, The Haunted Mansion is NOT a good place for her ashes!”

—Laurie Wilson Keller, Facebook

2. This unfortunate sight.

“I saw a man with cutoff shorts so short that his scrotum was hanging out. It was funny until my sister who was, like, six years old at the time saw it too.”

—Kayla Thomas, Facebook

3. This cat lady.

“I was with my in-laws and we were walking near the pier at California Adventure when we saw this middle-aged woman pushing a stroller. She looked disheveled and confused, and when we looked in her stroller, we saw about four or five stuffed cats dressed like baby dolls. She walked by us as she was whispering little compliments to her stuffed cats.”


4. This painful experience.

“Well, during one Grad Night, two teens were in the Haunted Mansion. They thought because it was dark inside, no one would see the girl giving the boy a blowjob. Little did they know, some of Master Gracey’s servants were hiding in the walls of the mansion. The teens were caught in the act by one of them, who shouted out from the darkness, ‘You’re doing it wrong!’ Girl bit his penis. Medic, security, managers, everyone you can imagine who needed to be involved was there.

—Tiffany Nieves, Facebook

5. This sea-riously weird observation.

“While sitting with my friend in front of Small World, I noticed something was crawling slowly past me. It was an actual live lobster crawling along the pathway. As I shouted to my friend to look at it, one of the Cast Members walked nonchalantly up and grabbed the lobster saying, ‘Now how did you get out?’ He then proceeded to throw the lobster into the waters directly behind us. Long story short, Disneyland breeds their own lobsters.”

—Lynze Milne, Facebook

6. This money-saving technique.

“One warm day when I was working in Fantasyland, this dad was appalled at how expensive the little fan/spray bottle things were. He refused to buy one for his kids, claiming he had a better idea. A little while later when I was leaving, I saw him take a big gulp of water and then spit/spray it out onto his two little girls.


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