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#15 Mulan was planned to be executed despite the fact that she defended them from the Huns once Mulan’s actual gender was revealed.

#16 Sometimes, Disney shows how merciless a woman can be. Just to stay young forever, Mother Gothel took an innocent baby and put her in a tower just for the sake of her beauty.

#17 When Charles Muntz tied Russell to a chair and opened the blimp door, he nearly killed him.

#18 The way Frollo grabbed Esmeralda, scented her hair, and informed her that in his imagination he pictured a rope around her neck, didn’t it seem like he was sexually harassing her.

#19 Bad guys were not fortunate enough to be in Pinnochio since they were all converted into donkeys and sold as slave labour on Pleasure Island.

#20 Disney can be quite nasty at times. And Cruella De Vil is regarded as one of the most evil villains in the Disney universe. She didn’t even leave these helpless Dalmatian puppies and was willing to sacrifice their lives for the price of a single fur coat.

#21 When people pulled Dumbo’s mother from him simply because she was attempting to protect her child, it was considered cruel.

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