1. You can’t stop yourself from quoting Disney movies to your kids.

Your kid: “I can’t finish this homework.”
You: “Just keep swimming!”
Your kid: “Ugh, Mom!”

2. You seriously considered naming your kid “Ariel,” “Belle” or even “Mickey.”

And if you did actually give your kid a Disney-related name you deserve major props.

3. The presents you were given at your baby shower DEFINITELY shared a theme.

4. You’ve surprised your kids with a trip to Disneyland and been a little disappointed when they weren’t quite as excited as you were.

Don’t get me wrong — they were excited — but matching your enthusiasm is hard even for a kid.

5. When you meet characters you get every bit as excited as your kids.

Yeah, you know there’s a sweaty teenager in the costume, but that doesn’t spoil the magic.

6. You definitely got your kids monogrammed Mickey ears before they could even wear them.

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