8. When Mufasa was the only male lion in the pride, which meant he was Nala's dad...which also meant Simba and Nala were related, in The Lion King:

9. When everyone was stuck in the furnace and realized there was no way out, so they just gave up and faced their deaths together, in Toy Story 3:

10. When Charles Muntz tied Russell to a chair and opened the blimp door, hoping the child would fall to his death, in Up:

11. When all the bad boys on Pleasure Island got turned into donkeys so they could be sold into slave labor in Pinocchio:

12. When Cruella de Vil literally wanted to kill and skin dozens and dozens of puppies because she wanted a fur coat in 101 Dalmatians:

13. When Jafar used his wish to make Jasmine his sex slave in Aladdin:

14. When Frollo groped Esmeralda, sniffed her hair, and said he imagined a rope around her neck in The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

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