1. When his very first line was the best character development in the shortest time.

Seriously just read the box.

2. And his second piece of dialogue was taking no shit.

He really wanted to say, “Fuck off, Princess Drool,” but he realised there were pre-school toys around and so censored it.

3. When he tried to share a joke with Hamm.

Pretty creative for a toy that’s meant for 3-year-olds.

4. But Hamm didn’t even try to understand and Mr Potato Head was far from happy about his lack of cultural education.

Maybe he’s more of a Van Gogh fan.

5. So naturally he stormed off.

Fuck out my face, hockey puck, it’s art.

6. When Slinky Dog was so far up Woody’s backside and Mr Potato Head just couldn’t even deal anymore.

Fucking kiss-arse.

7. When it was Andy’s birthday but he only had dreams of his own to fulfil.

And he wasn’t standing for the judgment coming his way.

“Look, I need to reproduce shady potato head babies.”

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