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#15 In Ratatouille, Chef Skinner twists the wine bottle when pouring a glass of wine which is done to avoid wine dripping down the side.

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#16 In The Incredibles, Violet struggles to generate a force field around a campfire. The fire flickers when deprived of oxygen.

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#17 In the Pixar short Boundin', a Model T is seen driving up a hill backward. This is because Model T's relied on gravity to supply their engine with fuel, and driving up a steep hill could cause the engine to stall. The solution, if you had to drive up a steep hill, was to drive up in reverse.

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#18 In Monsters University, power comes from screams which appear as a gaseous state in the scream tanks. Because power here is a gas, light switches are valves and instead of wires there are pipes.

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#19 In the opening scene of Cars, the animators added bits of rubber coming off the cars as the tires degrade.

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#20 In Toy Story and most other depictions, Buzz Lightyear has accurately colored airplane navigation lights on the tip of his wings.

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#21 In Luca, the first time Luca stands on land he exhibits a medical finding called Gower's sign. Classically seen in patients with muscular dystrophy, it is due to a lack of strength in the hip and thigh muscles causing the patient to "walk" up their body to stand from a seated position.

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