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#17 In Monsters, Inc., when Boo brings Sully into her bedroom, you can see Jesse on the floor.

#18 The real estate company that is selling Andy's house is called Virtual Realty, and whoever came up with this brilliant name needs to be handed all of the awards immediately.

#19 Mrs. Potato Head appears to be reading a book about A Bug's Life during Toy Story 2.

#20 Apparently, A Bug's Life is a super popular movie throughout Toy Story 2 because in Al's Toy Barn, you can see some of the characters on the shelves as toys.

#21 At one point there's a glimpse of a postcard on Andy's bulletin board from Carl and Ellie, the couple from Up who broke our hearts five minutes into the movie.

#22 When Hamm is trying to find clues as to how to find Woody in Toy Story 2, he is literally standing on the board game Clue.

#23 Buy n Large, the brand of the batteries that power Buzz, is the same company from Wall-E that was behind putting all the humans on spaceships and sending robots to clean the earth.

#24 Finally, everyone's favorite Easter egg that flew over all of our innocent heads. Our minds were blown when we came to the realization that one of Sid's hybrid toys is...well, a literal hooker.

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