1. When you put yourself out there and send your crush a text confessing your feelings and don’t hear back:

:: Breaks out in cold sweat while looking at phone ::

2. When you take 25 selfies to update your Facebook profile pic and end up going with the first pic you took:

They all looked the same anyways.

3. When you’re trying to make plans and your friend won’t text back, but you know they’re using their phone:

“Like, I saw your Insta selfie!”

4. When you have one of those nights where you can’t remember most of it, and your friends end up getting you food and putting you in bed:

LBH, there were probably tears involved.

5. When you plan to have an awesome “catch up on life” dinner with your friend and they text to tell you they’re tired and need to reschedule:

“OMG sorry, can’t make it out tonight, I am exhausted and have to be up early tomorrow. 😔😕😔”

6. When you’re REALLY not feeling it, but your parents insist on getting a family picture:

“Like jeez, we’re at the Cheesecake Factory, Mom. Why do we need to take a photo?!”

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