1. When auditioning, you don’t audition for a certain character.

2. And you have a better chance of being hired if you look like the other actors, rather than the character herself.

So if you want to be a Disneyland Cinderella, you’re better off if you look like the women already hired to play her, rather than the actual Cinderella we know and love.

3. Not everyone gets hired the first time around.

Some girls have to audition four or five times before getting accepted. This is because Disneyland is looking for different princesses at different times. You might be a perfect Pocahontas, but your first audition might be when they’re casting only Alice or Belle.

4. Princesses who are hired have to go through autograph training.

If you got a Snow White autograph at Disneyland today, it would look the exact same as one which was done 40 years ago.

5. You also have to go through a few weeks of character training.

It’s important to know the character and their story inside out, so you can answer any question. You also have to talk and walk the exact right way, and do your makeup the same way as all the other girls playing the same princess.

6. The audition process is about 8 hours long, and is very rigorous.

First, they make you all stand in a line and they look at your face, body type, and height, and they choose who they want to stay for the next round.

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