1.Kissing Simba and Nala, $99.99

Remember these? They had little magnets in their noses so if you placed them close enough, they’d be drawn into a kiss.

2.Beauty and the Beast Tea Set, $140

Be your guest? Not at these prices.

3.101 Dalmatians Giga Pet, $59.90

But what happens when your Giga Pet dies?

4.Disney Store Aladdin Plush Genie, $1,000

Prince Ali of Ababwa could maybe afford this.

5.Beauty and the Beast VHS, $500


6.Cinderella Twin Flat Sheet, $115

This listing is for one sheet. ONE.

7.The Rescuers Down Under Tiger Electronic Game, $49.99

Batteries not included. So tack that onto the price.

8.The Lion King Backpack, $59.95

Once you outgrew this as a kid, you’d wear it to all the raves.

9.Sun Colors Pocahontas Doll and Gift Set, $300

You could get, like, two American Girl dolls for this price.

10.Mickey’s Treasure Ship Play-Doh Set, $131.99

Amazing how the value of plastic parts appreciates over time, huh?

11.Adult Nala Plush Toy, $149.99

This is getting wildly out of wing.

12.Tyco Ariel Doll, $74.99

This isn’t even a Barbie! It’s a TYCO doll. TYCO.

13.Beauty and the Beast Belle Watch, $210

Every time you look at this watch, you’ll be asking yourself, Is it time to pay my credit card bill? ‘Cause that’s not happening.

14.Mickey’s Magic Water Game, $220

Wow. Just. Wow.

15.Cartoon Classics VCR Board Game, $85

Yes, you can buy this vintage game for $85. But good luck finding a working VCR to work it.

16.The Little Mermaid Storybook and Music Box, $500.90

Oooh, King Triton gonna be mad when he finds out where all your money went.

17.Toy Story Talking Woody Doll, $300

I guess I get this?

18.The Lion King Hop-A-Croc Swamp Game, $137.22

What do you bet this is the boringest game in the world?

19.Pocahontas Jewelry Box, $42.08

You could get a bottle of Patron. Or you could get this used Pocahontas jewelry box. The choice is yours.

20.The Little Mermaid Water Sprinkler, $100

Down where it’s wetter, it’s also $$$.

21.1990s Tomy Mickey and Friends Character Set, $149.99


22.Buzz Lightyear Doll, $500

To infinity and beyond?

23.Sega Genesis Aladdin Game, $255.19

It IS a whole new world: one in which you’ve realized your dusty video games are worth bank.

24.River Rowing Pocahontas and Meeko, $190

If you wanna paint with all the colors of the wind, you’ll need bring your budget for next month’s groceries.

25.Darkwing Duck Thunderquack Jet, $275

For the same amount, you could get a one-way plane ticket. On a real plane.

26.My Size Talking Ariel Doll, $1,700

You’re now wishing you could be part of this world, right?

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