1. When they translated the words at the start of The Lion King.

2. When they realised the importance of colours.

3. And then figured out why you should never call anyone “fool”.

Who’s the real villain, anyway?

4. When someone discovered this very unnerving copy of Frozen.

5. And then found out why you really shouldn’t pause movies on DVD.

6. When they made this terrifying scientific discovery.

7. When The Goofy Movie got very close to breaking through the fourth wall.

I mean, fair question though.

8. Seriously, gloves are important.

9. When they used Hercules to demonstrate how Greek mythology actually worked.

10. When they found this and had questions about what was going on.

11. When they realised the subtly malevolent evil in Tangled.

12. When they realised The Lion King might actually not be 100% appropriate.

13. When they realised exactly how clever this line was.

14. When they discovered exactly why Aladdin might have been getting some stick.

15. When these puns happened.

16. When they realised just how accurate this line was.

17. When Flynn Rider turned out to be the first really relatable male character.

18. When they realised that best way to express sadness is to throw yourself on the nearest object and dramatically sob.

19. When they accurately adjusted the sentiments of Prince Hans.

20. When they made the shocking discovery that Disney was clearly just reusing old costumes to save money.

21. When they realised that working at Disney was probably the dream job.

22. When they finally realised exactly what this line meant.

23. When they came up with a perfect idea for the next Disney princess.

24. Unless this movie got made instead.

25. When they discovered the exact archetype that Hades fell into.

26. When they discovered that this line had a hell of a lot of meaning for the rest of Disney.

27. When this post came full circle.

28. When they discovered what Taylor Swift was actually singing about.

29. When they uncovered the struggles every Elsa in the world was going through.

30. When they realised how terrifying this cosplay actually was.

31. When they found out this backstory and it honestly explained so much.

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