5. Belle becomes an idiot (Belle's Enchanted Christmas)
An entire generation of fandom was born in what's become known as the "Disney Reniassance" period. The Little Mermaid kicked off a series of fantastic, memorable animated films that included Aladdin, The Lion King and definitely not Brother Bear. This point in time just so happened to coincide with the emergence of the home video market, which soon became the back alley in which Disney prostituted its fresh-faced animated features. What were once prestigious, award-winning franchises were soon warped into withered and lifeless direct-to-video sequels.

Of the dozens of DTV movies Disney pumped out over the course of a decade, hardly any of them were decent. Often you'd find substitute voice actors, middling plots, just sub-par all around.

The animation was usually pretty lackluster, too -- here's an undoctored, derptacular frame of Belle's Magical World:

Not only were these shams of the poorest quality, they're also inconsequential. These Disney sequels are afraid to deliver anything slightly unfamiliar, so they often take place DURING some point of the original movie. So Belle's Enchanted Christmas, for instance, is set sometime after Belle's imprisonment but before Murder She Wrote sang about the CGI ballroom.

The problem with setting a movie inside another movie is that you can't do anything that changes the outcome of the prime storyline. So something like Belle's Enchanted Christmas is stuck telling some meaningless tale that has no bearing on anything, because we all know at the end Belle will fall in love and Beast will turn into a fugly Encino Man.

And worse, the characterization in BEC makes Belle into an utter moron.

Remember how Belle only started warming to Beast once he stopped being a complete dickbag? Well, in Enchanted Christmas, it's Belle that's trying to win Beast over. Reminder: Beast is the dude that captured Belle's dad and imprisoned her forever. It originally took a lot for Belle to give in to Stockholm Syndrome, but in Enchanted Christmas it's as though she was fully entrenched all along.

This movie is like a junk drawer of baffling shit. You can find anything in there -- like an awful flashback to angsty teen-human Beast and evil organ played by Tim Curry -- but it's never anything you ever wanted. To make matters worse, Belle's actions completely invalidate everything in the movie in which it's supposed to take place. It's a Christmas miracle!

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